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Taking Orders (Screenshots)

From the “Order Screen”:

Select an item by tapping respective button from “Items” section.

1. Tap “2PC DARK“.

FAST immediately takes you to the next screen which enables you to ring the item as a Meal by simply choosing the additional side or bypass it by tapping “Done“ in the lower right corner.

In this example, let’s make the item a Meal and pricing it accordingly.


The system automatically takes you back to “Order Screen”.

The ordered “2PC DARK” item now appears in the “Order Details” section.

From here, we can add our next item.


System automatically takes you to the “Dipping Sauce” menu (button will be blinking on top left).


This is an Included sauce which does not add extra charge to the item.

5. Then tap “HOME STYLE RANCH“.

Also an Included sauce.

6. And tap “Done“.

This item also has “Meal” options which are immediately displayed.

We will ignore it for this example.

7. Just tap “Done” again.

You will be taken back to the “Order Screen“.

Lest’s add our last item, “5PC SHRIMP”.

This item is not immediately available on the “Items” section.

We need to bring the “Seafood” items on screen.

8. Just tap “KRISPY SEAFOOD” on the “Categories” section.

The “Seafood” items are now displayed on screen.

9. Tap “5PC SHRIMP“.

This item has Meal options but for this example we won’t use it.

10. Just tap “Done“.

Lastly, let’s complete our example order by adding Additional sauces.

11. Tap “DIPPING SAUCES” on the “Categories” section.

12. Then tap “TRADITIONAL TARTAR” twice (2x).

This is an Additional sauce which will generate extra charge to the item.

Let’s finish the order.

13. Then tap “Pay Order” twice (2x).

14. The Customer “Receipt” will be printed on the station.