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Why do I need it?

Krispy Krunchy Chicken trusts F.A.S.T.

More than just restaurants, a variety of retail locations are more and more offering freshly-made, fast foods – like Krispy Krunchy Chicken – to generate steady streams of new visitors and repeat customers that would otherwise be missed.

Monitoring and measuring profit margins for these new sources of revenue, however, can be challenging as the lack of key business metrics can make it nearly impossible for store operators to determine their return on investment.

FAST solves this and other challenges for store operators… and fast.

Managing inventory has never been easier. FAST is preprogrammed with all KKC items, recipe data costs, even supply costs – like packaging and napkins – which enables the operator to determine true costs and margin reports for every KKC purchase. Real-time reports are easily accessed anytime any place via mobile device. FAST solution allows you to purchase KKC products directly from your KKC food purveyor. Invoicing details are returned automatically to the FAST solution, allowing you to verify orders upon delivery and automatically update inventory.

The FAST solution also improves employee efficiency and customer service as well. This easy-to-use order entry system will alleviate long lines and wrong orders during checkout. A quick scan of a QR Code at the Point of Sale returns each KKC item and price properly reflected at checkout. FAST is constantly working behind the scenes guaranteeing fast customer service, accurate pricing, minimized errors, and precise accountability.

Get FAST and get all the metrics you need.